Benefits of Buying a Car Insurance Policy

You will spend hours researching new models and choosing the best color. Also, look for the safety features in your vehicle. As millions of people do, you might need to consider the other important aspect of buying an automobile, which is purchasing car insurance.

Indians lack knowledge of car insurance and buy it purely to comply with the law. If you do your research properly, you will know all the perks of car insurance and its importance in protecting your financial assets if an accident occurs.

First, let’s understand the concept of insurance and how it works.

If you are not in an accident, you forfeit the premium amount. However, every year you are without a claim, the insurance company pays you No-Claims Bonus (NCB).

Motor Vehicles Act states that all car owners must have third-party coverage. Consider purchasing a comprehensive auto insurance policy if you want complete coverage.

Insurance benefits

1. Protection against Natural Calamities

It’s not hard to imagine how floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or cyclones can cause widespread destruction. It can cause significant damage to property and life, including your vehicle. With an auto insurance policy, you can get financial protection and protect your vehicle from natural disasters.

2. Protection against Theft

Car theft is a frequent problem, especially in urban areas. Imagine your car is parked outside your home, and you don’t find it the next day. It would be disastrous. It can result in a large financial loss. A comprehensive policy of car insurance can protect you from theft and damage. 

3. Flexibility in Choosing an Add-On Cover

You can add coverage to your car insurance. These are known as riders. However, riders can only be bought with a comprehensive policy. Many add-ons will best suit your needs.

Common add-ons most people buy are highway assistance cover, zero depreciation coverage, engine protection cover, and passenger cover. You can choose as many add-ons as you require. Your premium will increase if there are more riders purchased.

4. Many Garages

Your car insurance policy covers the cost of any repairs or replacement costs if you have an unfortunate accident. The insurance company has partnerships with several garages throughout the city, collectively known as network hospitals. Any garage within the insurer’s network can repair your car. The garage will be billed directly by the insurer. Online car insurance is easy. You need to look at the list of garages in the network.

5. Protection against Accidental Damages

Car accidents can be difficult to manage. By providing financial compensation and treatment for physical injuries, a car insurance policy can help to ease tension. If someone dies, car insurance policies provide benefits for survivors.

6. Coverage for Third-Party Negligence

Car owners are required to have third-party insurance. The insurance company will pay all expenses for bodily injuries or damage caused by accident. You can get damages to your car and third-party liability coverage if you have a comprehensive policy.


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