7 Ways Technology Will Instantly Increase Your Small Business’ Profitability

A small business is faced with many challenges. A small business has limited resources, assets and personnel so they don’t have as much ammunition to beat the big guys. They can still thrive in the face of constant industry threats if this ammunition is used effectively and intelligently.

By utilizing the right technology tools and technologies, small businesses can maximize their resources. Technology provides greater versatility, efficiency, and automation in different situations. This helps to ease the burden of many business challenges, big and small.

While some adjustments may be required to implement technological change correctly, these are short-term problems that can be worth it for the long-term. Are you curious about how technology can provide an instant boost to your business?

Here are seven areas that technology can enhance your company’s performance.


Accountancy software is popular among small-business owners.

Balancing the books for a company is something everyone must do. Yet, it’s a task that few people like to do. Balancing books manually can cause problems for government agencies.

It is easy to use accountancy software. It is possible for all of your financial records to be linked to the software. The software will automatically track your income, as well as your expenses. It will then calculate all necessary numbers to eliminate human error.

Specialized software can be used to handle payroll for employees with multiple employees. A fully integrated payroll system can handle complex tasks such as managing multiple schedules and paying rates, tip reporting and contractor payment management.


You and your employees can have a greater productivity level by using specialist productivity tools. The good news about productivity tools is that they are available. They will help you improve the efficiency of your business, make it more productive, and allow your employees to do more. You can also increase your profits margins.

Time tracking software, which is the best technology to use, is an excellent choice. As a small business, time is one of the most precious resources. time-tracking software lets you accurately track the time your workers and you use. This will enable you to see where your time is being wasted and how to use it better.

Software can help improve productivity, process improvement and accountability. All of these are important factors that can make or ruin a company’s business.

Project management software is another tool you should add to the tech stack. This software can be a valuable asset to your business. It can take complex projects, break them up into individual tasks for specific employees and still provide a comprehensive project view for everyone.

Everyone understands their daily responsibilities and helps to reduce confusion.


Automation can make the world of a difference for small businesses. Automation is a great way to save time raise employee morale as well to avoid hiring extra staff to handle mundane but tedious tasks. There are many other ways that automation can be integrated into your business. The guide also highlights technology that uses automation.

There are many benefits to automation, and there are too many to mention here. You might deal with thousands of pieces daily.

Instead of employees searching through spreadsheets to find the relevant data, automation produces detailed and precise analyses and reports in just seconds. This makes it ideal to locate and report on specific pieces of data in spreadsheets.

Another example is when it can assist in the hiring process. It is possible to automate many steps between the writing of the job advertisement and conducting interviews.

A human resources management software, for example, can help you automate the process to manage candidates. This will allow you to quickly filter through the top potential employees.


It is important to have a solid, long-term strategy for marketing that targets your audience. To do this effectively, however, it takes time and effort. If you have the right technology, you can cut down on the amount of marketing resources needed.

This doesn’t simply mean emailing and using social media. Those are all obvious. However, email is one area that technology can help in.

Manually sending email to prospective clients or customers is tedious and time-consuming. This is especially the case when it comes to employees having to check and manage all relationship-building information for each contact. Specialized email marketing software makes it simple to automate your emails, conduct behavioral target, create custom templates, and many other features.

Technology can help you ensure your marketing efforts reach those who are most interested in them. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to discover everything about your target audiences. To find out current information on your potential customers, you can simply select topics such as geographic location, demographics, interests, and geography.


Collaboration tools are increasingly important in this modern age. Even before the pandemic that decimated many businesses, remote work was increasing in popularity. With more people working outside of the traditional office environment, collaboration software should be an integral part of your business.

There are many benefits to using these tools. This tool makes communication easy, even if everyone is not in the same location. Employees can chat and keep up to date with each other using live chat software.

Both video and audio communication are available. Collaboration software makes information sharing easy and even allows multiple users to simultaneously edit and revise documents.


Customer support must be an integral component of any small-sized business . Your customers are important so you have to give the best service. Lackluster service can result in missed sales opportunities and broken customer relationships. However, if this area is done well, you can increase your chances of maximising your profits.

The possibilities of technology open the doors to enhancing customer service beyond simply answering calls or returning emails. One option is to add a livechat function to your site. This method, which usually sees a small chat button appear in the corner, allows users to instantaneously send over inquiries.

It can be difficult for small businesses to have staff on hand to answer questions. It’s possible to incorporate a chatbot within this function. This can automatically answer all of your predetermined questions.

What happens if you want customer feedback? Online questionnaires and surveys are possible to gather the information you desire. These questionnaires/surveys can include simple tick answers, and the specialist software means it can collate and report on all answer results instantly.


Every business needs security. When you add in the threat of online attackers, security can be overlooked by many businesses. All it takes is one employee to do this. Do not click the wrong email link Cybercriminals are able to potentially gain access and steal your most important financial information and business data.

Therefore, it is important that your business uses the right security tools. It protects your business against numerous cyber-attacks. It can stop malicious email viruses, fraud, and Phishing from negatively affecting companies. It will also protect your customers, and their data, from malicious intent.

Additionally, although it is recommended to educate employees and yourself about current threats, you must understand that attackers are always changing their approach and evolving their methods. This means that they constantly develop new methods to get around your current security measures.

By using IT security software with specialist features that are constantly updated by their developer, you can stay ahead of any threats that could bring down your business.