Find Out What To Ask And Why

You’re sure to find a horror story online about a plumber who didn’t solve a problem correctly the first time or made it worse.

Or, maybe the plumber fixed the problem but then gave the person who hired him a huge bill they didn’t expect.

This is often because the person who hired the plumber did not do enough research before they bring them in to fix their problem.

In other words, they didn’t ask the right questions and hired the wrong plumber so they weren’t able to trust him.

These questions will help you ensure that the right person is hired for your plumbing job.

#1: Is The Plumbing Company Licensed?

Before hiring a plumber, the first thing to ask is if you are licensed. !

Two licensing requirements are required for plumbing companies. This is why you should do your research in both directions. You will first need to verify that the company has a valid business license in the county where they live and that the state has registered them.

A second requirement is that the plumbing company must have at least one licensed master plumber. A problem with either license is a sign that there may be a problem and you should look into it further.

#2 Does The Plumbing Company Have Adequate Insurance?

This is a huge one. This is a huge requirement for any plumbing company. They should have adequate liability insurance to protect against any loss of the property they work in.

Example: A high-rise office space might only measure 1000 sq. feet but is on the 15th floor. If water damage occurs in this type of space, it could easily cost $1,000,000. You could be responsible for any water damage or repairs if the company doesn’t have adequate insurance for general liability.

Workman’s Compensation, also known as Worker’s Comp, is the second type of insurance that a company requires. This insurance protects employees from injury while on the job. In the event of an injury, a company may not cover employees who are incorrectly classified (meaning that they are paid below the table). If a worker falls off a ladder in the kitchen and is injured, you as the property owner may be able to provide compensation.

Note: To prove that your company has valid insurance coverage, you can request a certificate. This certificate should be provided by their insurance provider. This is a common request and can be made without difficulty.

#3 Does The Company Conduct Background Checks And/Or Screenings On Its Employees?

You will let your possessions and family members into your home by hiring the people you hire.

It is hard to know what someone might be up to these days, especially if have unsupervised access to your home. Before you let anyone into your home, make sure they have had their background checked and been drug-screened.

 #4 Does The Plumbing Company’s Staff Have The Right Experience?

Everybody has to start somewhere. But if you have a rare or more difficult plumbing problem, you want to experience Wilco Plumbing Sydney who has had to deal with similar issues. Not the guy who installed his first faucet last week.