What Gear Do You Need?

It is extremely dangerous to ride a motorcycle. According to motorcycle culture, there are two types: those who have crashed and those who haven’t yet crashed. Don’t let this scare you, with the right gear you can still enjoy what amazing riding is and keep your skin healthy.


A motorcycle gear Australia jacket is one the most sought-after pieces of safety gear.

There are many materials that you can make your motorcycle jacket from. It’s important not to get too focused on choosing the perfect jacket. You might end up owning several. You should also have perforated and full leather jackets for spring and fall.

Most jackets protect against the elements. You will likely find yourself more cold than hot if you ride a lot. A jacket is a great piece of gear. While it may be very hot at times, it’s important to keep your jacket on.

In the summer heat, it can be up to 90-100° Fahrenheit (32° Celsius) at home. It is too hot to wear a jacket. You should often ask yourself this question before you set out on a ride without a jacket: “Would you rather sweat a bit or bleed much?”

Even though a jacket can increase your body temperature and make it sweat more, you’ll be glad you did. It is like taking your skin to the belt sander when you slide on the streets in an accident. It scrapes off your skin, exposing muscle and bone as well as nerves. This is NOT fun. It is not fun. A jacket protects you.

Over The Ankle Motorcycle Boots

Motorbike boots are another piece of motorcycle gear that has found their way into mainstream culture.

Motorcycle boots look amazing, but they also provide traction and protect your small bones in the event of a crash.

You must have heard of horror stories where people wore tennis shoes while riding a motorbike and they fell off their feet when they crashed.

You should ensure that your motorcycle footwear is sturdy and has ankle protection. You can also choose to use work boots you already own if you have a limited budget

The best protection is always a full-sized motorcycle boot. They also look great!

Motorcycle Pants

You hope that you’re not the kind of person who likes to ride around in shorts. The majority of motorcycle riders do not wear motorcycle pants. Because for so long, you had to choose between leather pants (which is a fashion statement!) or leather pants. Ballistic nylon would look strange. They aren’t like regular pants.

Jeans are often thought to be enough protection. Jeans can be ripped in just a few feet of sliding down the pavement. They offer no protection. It’s cotton. But cotton is very weak. As a child, you used to fall on the grass and rip jeans at the knee. Concrete is harder than grass.

Many manufacturers are now offering jeans with panels at key locations. Some even weave them into the cotton material and add armor to the most likely impact zones. While the jeans will not protect you as well as leather pants, they are still better than regular denim jeans. It doesn’t mean you have to look like you are going deep-sea diving to enjoy a motorcycle riding experience.

You can ride your motorcycle to your destination and then go on your way wearing your motorcycle boots, jacket, and motorcycle jeans. You will look like an astronaut, not a badass.